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Using Custom Functions in Zoho CRM

Tejas Gadhia presents at Zoholics on workflows and custom functions within Zoho CRM. Workflows are a way of placing automation into Zoho CRM, complete a specified set of actions when certain criteria are met. Custom Functions uses Zoho’s scripting language (DELUGE) to trigger a series of specific actions. One example is that when a Lead[…]

Zoho CRM

Customizing Zoho CRM for Your Business

Ricky Thakrar resents at Zoholics USA, 2015 some ideas on how to customise Zoho CRM for your business. Your business is unique, one size does not fit all. To obtain the maximum return on investment from Zoho CRM you need to tune it to your business requirements. Some suggestions Ricky makes for you to consider[…]

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From Hot Box to Zoho CRM – Lead management

We couldn’t resist taking this picture this week as it demonstrates how some customers manage probably the most important contribution to their business – Leads. Leads can be defined as an expression of interest in your business, they are what drives new business and they grow the business.   This particular customer had a simple[…]

Zoho CRM

Improving lead conversion with Zoho CRM

Customer Challenge The Zoho CRM customer that FlexableIT was working with was a B2C customer in the financial services market. They effectively have a two step sales process:   Outbound dialling to identify potential customers for the product. Once identified documentation is sent to the customer for signature. This effectively was the first sale. The second[…]