From Hot Box to Zoho CRM – Lead management

From Hot box to Zoho CRM

We couldn’t resist taking this picture this week as it demonstrates how some customers manage probably the most important contribution to their business – Leads. Leads can be defined as an expression of interest in your business, they are what drives new business and they grow the business.


This particular customer had a simple Lead management process, three boxes on the desk – from initial enquiry to no business to “Hot Box”. Hot box was their qualified Leads on A to Z cardboard with details of the opportunity, history and next action. Needles to say opportunities were being missed, Understanding their Leads was impossible, Tracking and Follow up was chaotic.


By using Zoho CRM, the customers sales process (boxes) was replicated in Lead Status. Notes and history was consolidated into one single place. The business could understand how many leads generated, converted to business potentials and ultimately won business. Management could obtain a forecast as to how much business was in their sales pipeline. Data was stored securely, with only the appropriate people being able to see it. If anything happened to Hot Box all was lost, being stored in Zoho CRM the data was backed up and accessible from any internet connection (with the correct permissions).


May 6th 2015 saw the Hot Box going in the bin and a robust lead management and measurement process put in place with Zoho CRM.