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From Hot Box to Zoho CRM – Lead management

We couldn’t resist taking this picture this week as it demonstrates how some customers manage probably the most important contribution to their business – Leads. Leads can be defined as an expression of interest in your business, they are what drives new business and they grow the business.   This particular customer had a simple[…]

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Improving lead conversion with Zoho CRM

Customer Challenge The Zoho CRM customer that FlexableIT was working with was a B2C customer in the financial services market. They effectively have a two step sales process:   Outbound dialling to identify potential customers for the product. Once identified documentation is sent to the customer for signature. This effectively was the first sale. The second[…]

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Zoho Case Study – CityDance – Runs 80% of Its Business on Zoho

This Zoho case study explains why City Dance runs 80% of its business on Zoho. For CityDance growth had reached a stage where it started hindering their artistry. They had to focus on payments, follow-ups, billing and invoicing, scheduling, etc. and tracking and managing all that information was time-consuming. “I wanted one solution that would[…]

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Zoho Case Study – CG Arena – Zoho CRM

This Zoho case study about CG Arena using Zoho CRM highlights the benefits of moving from spreadsheets and manually tracking activities to an automated and integrated process. CG Arena had a number of specific challenges – “It was challenging to keep up with all the different people visiting the gym, we needed a better way of[…]