29th June 2015

PandaDoc auto-fill documents with tokens

A key part of PandaDoc is the ability to build documents quickly with pre-built templates from the content library. However, you would want to personalise the document to each customer or recipients. You can do this with PandaDoc Tokens.

What are PandaDoc Tokens?

PandaDoc Tokens are basically merge fields that you enter into the document. The PandaDoc Tokens could be first name, surname, address, etc. When you select to create a document from a template, PandaDoc identifies which tokens are used in the document and prompts you to review and fill them. PandaDoc then merges those tokens into the document.

Can you create custom PandaDoc Tokens?

Yes you can. PandaDoc Tokens can be whatever you need them to be. Build them, add them to your document and populate the tokens so that you can customise and personalise the document to the recipient.