21st April 2015

Zoho Support

Improve customer service with ticketed support

Zoho Support – More than Support

Zoho Support is a full featured helpdesk solution that works across multiple channels – Phone, Email, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter), Self Service all are captured and tracked in one central tool. People perceive these ticket solutions as helpdesk solutions (I have a problem), however they can also be used to track enquiries (Airline booking enquiry) – especially when there is a set customer response time.

Custom Emails

Give customers an email address that is specific to a product (for example support@zohosupport.com), specific to them (customer@mycompany.com), or a generic email address (support@mycompany.com). These emails are captured within Zoho Support so an agent or group of agents can take ownership and resolve the query.

When a customer emails, or a case is updated, or closed a templated automatic email can be sent to the customer. This provides reassurance to your customer that there support query is being dealt with.

Customer Self Service

Allow your customers access to the customer service portal or track the progress of their tickets. Build a knowledge base so that customers can search for a resolution themselves. Convert tickets with resolutions to answers within the portal. Zoho Support has a self service portal which can become part of your web presence (small extra cost for a security certificate).

Integrate Zoho Support with Zoho CRM

Integrate Zoho CRM and Zoho Support for the full picture. Capture Support queries in CRM against a customer record for the entire history of that account. Keep Zoho Support up to date by automatically extracting data from Zoho CRM. Allow both Sales and Support teams to see the data they need to make informed decisions.

Comprehensive Metrics

A happy customer base is a loyal customer base. Customer service needs to be measured to confirm that you are managing your customers properly. Ask one question – How was our customer service with one answer to get a response. Ask the customer once or on each support ticket. Aggregate the response into a report by customer, account, ticket or agent. follow up on customer satisfaction with custom views so that you can strive to make every customer happy. Happiness ratings can be collated and displayed within the self service portal for customers to review.

Build custom reports within Zoho Support so that you can understand, measure and improve the key metrics within your business. Once you have the reports built save and schedule them for the frequency that you need them. Visual dashboards are an easier way to represent and understand data, which then allow you to click into the number for a deeper analysis.