9th September 2015

Zoho CRM Admin Training

The Zoho CRM Admin Training is focused on giving your employees the skills to implement, customise and support your Zoho CRM deployment. Zoho CRM Admin Training is designed to reduce the learning curve of Zoho CRM, focusing on your specific business needs. The training is designed so that you can have Zoho CRM live in the shortest amount of time, but also allow you to make changes when your business needs changes made.

A typical Zoho CRM Admin Day could include:

  • Creating Users
    • Users
    • Profiles
    • Roles
    • Groups
  • Zoho CRM Customisation
    • Page layouts
    • Custom fields
    • Related Lists
    • Business Card
    • Views
  • Importing Data
    • Importing
    • Migrate from another CRM
    • Webforms
  • Data Deduplication
  • Email Templates
  • Email Integration
  • Building Custom Reports and Dashboards (1 hour 30 minutes)
    • Various types of reports (time, people and money based reports).
    • How to create each type of report.
    • Exporting data from reports
    • Standard dashboards
    • Custom dashboards
  • Workflow Management
    • Workflow Rules
    • Workflow Alerts, Tasks and Field Updates
    • Convert Actions
  • Integration with other Zoho Apps
  • Product Purchase Management
    • Vendors
    • Products
    • Pricebooks
    • Quotes
    • Sales Orders
    • Invoices
    • Purchase Orders

This Zoho CRM Admin Training Day can be built around your businesses specific requirements so that the learning supports your processes and desired outcomes. The training is built in a logical progression at a suitable pace with each section building and reinforcing on the previous learning outcomes. Training can take place anywhere there is sufficient space for the delegates, with a suitable screen and internet connectivity.

We recommend Admins attending the course have a Zoho CRM login and a computer so that they can trial, experiment and test the learning as the course progresses. It is also desirable that the Admin has some experiance of Zoho and / or CRM before the day, as well as an understanding of what the business outcomes should be. This course can be delivered one to one or up to a maximum group size of four.