29th June 2015

Google Apps Email built on Gmail

Email built on Gmail

A key component of Google Apps, and one which is the most likely the first component that people experience is Email. Google Apps email is built on Gmail, a familiar interface to many Users thereby reducing the learning curve. You configure Google Apps with your companies domain name so that mails come from your company and not gmail.com.

Google Apps Email, IM, Voice and Video chat

One advantage of Google Apps Email is that whilst logged into the web interface you have access to email, Instant Messaging, Voice and Video Chat. Each employee gets 30 GB for email storage, so they can keep important messages and find them instantly with built-in Google search. This is approximately 50 times the industry average.

Anytime, anywhere, any device access

With Google Apps Email, you can access your email from gmail.com – web based access. You can also configure your mobile devices to receive email. Or if you use an email client (Outlook or Thunderbird for example) they can send or receive emails from Gmail. If you use the IMAP option, all the devices remain in sync.

Powerful Search

Google Apps email uses the Google powered search facility to make finding emails easier. Search your Google Apps Email by Sender / Recipient, subject, date, a string of text and more.