Zoho Creator Certified Solution Provider

FlexableIT become Zoho Creator Certified Solution Provider

In March 2016 FlexableIT visited Chennai, Zoho’s Development HQ. The objective was to understand the Creator Product – Work with the Product teams, The Developers, Marketing to get a true insight into the product. FlexableIT wanted it’s employees to become “Zoho Creator Certified Developers” and for the company to become “Zoho Creator Certified Solution Provider”.[…]

Saran Paramasivam - Zoho Creator Product Manager

Zoho Seminar Bristol – An intro to building custom Apps with Zoho Creator

An intro to building custom Apps with Zoho Creator Zoho Creator, with its drag-drop builder allows business users to build custom applications to automate their processes, on their own. Over 2 million applications have been built so far by entrepreneurs, business owners, accountants, operation managers, including those who did not have an IT background. Zoho[…]

Zoholics seminar: Unlocking Data Silos with Zoho Creator

Zoholics 2015, Tejas Gadhia of Zoho talks about the benefits on integrations. Apps cannot be disconnected silos. If your apps are disconnected you are limited in your ability to make informed business decisions. Using Zoho Creator allows you to combine these apps and data silos to get the most from your data.   This 35 minute[…]