Zoho Creator Workshop – London – May 11, 2015

Zoho are hosting a one day workshop on Zoho Creator in London. The day is split in two halves – Basics and Advanced.


The agenda for Zoho Creator Basic hands on session is:


  • How to build a basic form with required fields for an App
  • How to set user-action based rules in forms and assign related tasks
  • How to create relationships between data using look up fields
  • Reports, and how to customize them with filters and criteria
  • How to generate charts and pivot tables for your data
  • How to streamline workflow using drag-drop scripting
  • How to set notifications and send emails from your App
  • Collaborate with your team by sharing data
  • How to publish form in your website and collect data
  • The need for a user-friendly scripting language in a DIY App builder

The agenda for Zoho Creator Advanced hands on session is:


  • The syntax of Deluge – Zoho Creator’s scripting language
  • Deluge statements and its components
  • How to write simple deluge code for most common tasks in an App
  • How to simplify repetitive tasks using a function using Deluge script
  • Record level actions – edit, delete, modify and adding CUSTOM actions
  • How to handle collections: Lists and Maps
  • Adding a dashboard for your app for ready access to important reports
  • The when-to and how-to of using a Subform

To find out more and to register visit https://www.zoho.com/creator/events.html.