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Integrated business applications with Zoho

When deploying software in your business it is critical that they are integrated business applications. This video explains the benefits of integrated business applications with Zoho. Without integration your customer data resides in silos, to obtain a true customer view you need integrated business applications with Zoho. Integration allows you to build data once let[…]

Zoho CRM

Advanced CRM Customisation – Zoholics Seminar

Sai Venkat from Zoho presented at Zoholics 2015 on some of the advanced customisation that you can complete in Zoho CRM. This included: Advanced Custom Fields, Data Security Settings, Related Lists and Custom Modules. Sai also talks about mapping how data flows in Zoho CRM so that you don’t loose data – for example when[…]

Zoho CRM

Using Custom Functions in Zoho CRM

Tejas Gadhia presents at Zoholics on workflows and custom functions within Zoho CRM. Workflows are a way of placing automation into Zoho CRM, complete a specified set of actions when certain criteria are met. Custom Functions uses Zoho’s scripting language (DELUGE) to trigger a series of specific actions. One example is that when a Lead[…]

Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ: Automate Website Visitor Engagement

Zoho SalesIQ allows you to engage and capture visitors from your website in real time. This video from Zoholics will demonstrate how you can automate this process. The video will demonstrate how to tag your website visitors email and name in Zoho SalesIQ. It then discusses how to setup intelligent triggers. Finally it talks about[…]