How to add content to PandaDoc template library

An important component of building documents is reusable text, build once and replicate many times. The PandaDoc template library allows you to build blocks of text that can be reused and dropped into future documents.By adding content to the PandaDoc template library you can share your work with colleagues to reuse as needed. This video[…]


How to add non-PandaDoc files to PandaDoc

Previously with PandaDoc you created your document within the application, but a common question was how to add non-PandaDoc files to PandaDoc? PandaDoc now allows you to add non-PandaDoc files to PandaDoc. You can upload a local file (from your computer), Dropbox, Google Drive, Huddle, Box or Onedrive. File types can be PDF, Word documents,[…]

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Integrated business applications with Zoho

When deploying software in your business it is critical that they are integrated business applications. This video explains the benefits of integrated business applications with Zoho. Without integration your customer data resides in silos, to obtain a true customer view you need integrated business applications with Zoho. Integration allows you to build data once let[…]

Zoho Projects

Integrated Project Management with Zoho Projects

This presentation from Zoholics 2015 discusses integrated Project Management with Zoho Projects and Zoho CRM. This video will give a quick overview of Zoho Projects, it will also discuss what are the challenges of integrated Project Management tools and how to find a solution. This video also demonstrates the value of having an integrated Project[…]

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Integrating Zoho CRM and Google Apps

This presentation from Zoholics 2015 discusses and demonstrates the benefits of integration Zoho CRM and Google Apps. The Partnership between Zoho and Google is the strongest third party (i.e. non-Zoho) integration. Zoho have over 50 points of integration with Google Apps, which is probably one of the highest integrations of any vendor. Over 100,000 customers[…]


PandaDoc Templates – the biggest time savers for your sales process

Save time by building text in PandaDoc Templates that can be reused. Most company documents contains text which is reused, for example an About Us section. Allow your Marketing team to build standard and approved text which can be used by your sales teams. By using PandaDoc Templates your sales people can concentrate on selling[…]

Zoho CRM

Advanced CRM Customisation – Zoholics Seminar

Sai Venkat from Zoho presented at Zoholics 2015 on some of the advanced customisation that you can complete in Zoho CRM. This included: Advanced Custom Fields, Data Security Settings, Related Lists and Custom Modules. Sai also talks about mapping how data flows in Zoho CRM so that you don’t loose data – for example when[…]