Zoho Seminar Bristol – An intro to building custom Apps with Zoho Creator

An intro to building custom Apps with Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator, with its drag-drop builder allows business users to build custom applications to automate their processes, on their own. Over 2 million applications have been built so far by entrepreneurs, business owners, accountants, operation managers, including those who did not have an IT background. Zoho Creator is used worldwide for data collection, analysis and workflow management. With mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows, you remain connected from anywhere, anytime.

Presented by Zoho – Saran Paramasivam

This seminar will be hosted and presented Saran. Saran has been with Zoho, ever since he graduated from Zoho University. Over the last nine years, he has been trusted with several important assignments in the company. His stint with Zoho Creator started when set up the Zoho Marketplace. As a team leader, he guided his team in revamping the user interface of the product. Currently,as the Product Manager, he ties together the distinct areas of product development and sets the overall direction of the product.

When and Where

The event is being hosted in the Colston Office Centre, part of the Centre Gate building on Friday the 15th of May at Midday.