Zoho Seminar Bristol – CRM for a customer centric business

Building a customer centric business with CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the process how you manage, interact and understand your customers. CRM should be at the heart of all businesses – now matter how large or small. This seminar will give you an insight into CRM, and how / why your business needs a CRM Process.
This seminar will further expand on the tools and interactions that can be driven with your CRM system at the heart of your business; be it: Email Marketing, Project Management, Support, etc.
Integrating your key business processes and systems gives you a greater understanding of your customers, and helps improve how you interact with customers – improving customer satisfaction and driving customer retention.

When and Where

The event is being hosted in the Colston Office Centre, part of the Centre Gate building on Friday the 15th of May at 10.30 am.