Zoho Social

Social Media Marketing with Zoho Social

Social Media has evolved in how your business can utilise Social Media, traditionally Social Media was about listening, collaboration and interaction. Today a business engage in Social Media Marketing and use Social Media as a powerful Sales tool. How important is Social Media Marketing to your business? Have you ever found a customer via Social[…]

Zoho Books

Enhancements to the Zoho Books Account Transactions Report

Four improvements have been made to the Zoho Books Account Transactions Report, these are: Support for multiple accounts. Previously you could only select one account in the Zoho Books Account Transaction report, now you can select multiple Accounts. A group option has been added in the Zoho Books Account Transaction Report. You can group the[…]

FlexableIT Services Zoho Consultancy

From Hot Box to Zoho CRM – Lead management

We couldn’t resist taking this picture this week as it demonstrates how some customers manage probably the most important contribution to their business – Leads. Leads can be defined as an expression of interest in your business, they are what drives new business and they grow the business.   This particular customer had a simple[…]