Zoho CRM

Customizing Zoho CRM for Your Business

Ricky Thakrar resents at Zoholics USA, 2015 some ideas on how to customise Zoho CRM for your business. Your business is unique, one size does not fit all. To obtain the maximum return on investment from Zoho CRM you need to tune it to your business requirements. Some suggestions Ricky makes for you to consider[…]

FlexableIT Services - Zoho Training

Bill Quinn presents Zoho CRM to Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce

  16th of April, Bill Quinn CEO of FlexableIT presented the concept of building a customer centric business using Zoho CRM as the core to the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce.   The lunch time seminar focused on why you need good data in your CRM to drive into your other tools and processes. Build the[…]

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Seminar Bristol – More successful email marketing – Zoho Campaigns

Make your email marketing more successful Email marketing is still one of the most prevalent forms of marketing. This is due to the ease of deployment, the cost effectiveness and simplicity. Could you make your email marketing more effective? Learn some tips and tricks on how Zoho Campaigns can help you make your email marketing[…]

Saran Paramasivam - Zoho Creator Product Manager

Zoho Seminar Bristol – An intro to building custom Apps with Zoho Creator

An intro to building custom Apps with Zoho Creator Zoho Creator, with its drag-drop builder allows business users to build custom applications to automate their processes, on their own. Over 2 million applications have been built so far by entrepreneurs, business owners, accountants, operation managers, including those who did not have an IT background. Zoho[…]

Zoho CRM

Zoho Seminar Bristol – CRM for a customer centric business

Building a customer centric business with CRM CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the process how you manage, interact and understand your customers. CRM should be at the heart of all businesses – now matter how large or small. This seminar will give you an insight into CRM, and how / why your business needs a[…]