Zoho Campaigns

Free Zoho Marketing Seminar – May – Bristol

Zoho Seminars – May 31st 2016 Two free Zoho Marketing Seminars and an open clinic are being offered by FlexableIT, A Zoho Advanced Solution provider. The Zoho Marketing Seminar are designed to answer some of the basic questions around using the Zoho Product family for Marketing, and more specifically getting started with Email Marketing. The Zoho[…]

Sridhar Vembu, Zoho CEO

Zoho – Built without venture capital funding

There is an interesting story titled “Want to build a billion dollar organisation without VC money? Learn from Sridhar Vembu” on yourstory.com. yourstory.com, is a platform where Startups can share their experience and knowledge. Although Zoho is far from being a startup! Zoho was founded in 1996, although at the time it was called AdventNet Technologies.[…]

Zoho Creator Certified Solution Provider

FlexableIT become Zoho Creator Certified Solution Provider

In March 2016 FlexableIT visited Chennai, Zoho’s Development HQ. The objective was to understand the Creator Product – Work with the Product teams, The Developers, Marketing to get a true insight into the product. FlexableIT wanted it’s employees to become “Zoho Creator Certified Developers” and for the company to become “Zoho Creator Certified Solution Provider”.[…]


Zoho CRM and PandaDoc Integration

Combine the data in your Zoho CRM with pre-built templates within PandaDoc utilising the Zoho CRM and PandaDoc Integration to build proposals, quotes or contracts quickly. Send the document fro PandaDoc for signature, then track when the recipiant has opened the document or which sections they have stayed on the longest. PandaDoc uses electronic signatures,[…]


How to add content to PandaDoc template library

An important component of building documents is reusable text, build once and replicate many times. The PandaDoc template library allows you to build blocks of text that can be reused and dropped into future documents.By adding content to the PandaDoc template library you can share your work with colleagues to reuse as needed. This video[…]