Zoho CRM 2016 – 27th July – Zoho’s Biggest Launch

Zoho CRM 2016 – 27th July

An all new version of Zoho CRM 2016 will be launched this week – Wednesday the 27th to be exact. It will be released to customers in batches – however if you wish to register for early access please contact us.


So how different will it be? Existing functionality will still be there, some of the new features have already been released but the significant new features will be announced on the 27th.


Do I need to be re-trained? Some Users will find the change significant – it is after all Zoho’s biggest launch ever. However if you need help or assistance we will be available to help just email: zoho@flexableit.com.


The good news though is that it won’t be a big bang. For a period of time you will be able to switch between the old and new versions. This will ease the learning curve, and if you are familiar with the current CRM you can switch back to it.


Training and Seminars if your teams need training contact us as we can provide training either face to face or by screen share depending on requirements. Also watch our seminar page for free Seminars on Zoho CRM 2016 at our central Bristol training suite.


Watch your Inbox and our News Page from 27th July – as soon as we can give you updates and the latest news we will.