21st April 2015

Zoho Training

Zoho Training – The key to a successful deployment

Zoho Training For System Administrator

Most Zoho products are straightforward to maintain, configure and update once you understand how they work and how they fit into a companies business process. The Zoho Training For System Administrator is designed to reduce the learning curve of adopting a specific Zoho solution by showing how that solution works around your companies processes. It demonstrates how to configure that solution to your company needs and how to keep that solution up to date to the requirements of the business.

Zoho Training For Senior Management Team

The requirements for Senior Management may be very different to End Users, for example:

  • Detailed and customised business reports
  • Auditing of how the solution is being adopted
  • The success of the solution against the original business goals
  • How the solution can be improved against an improved set of business goals

During the initial Zoho Consultancy, the needs of the Senior Management Team will be identified and either a specific training session developed for them or a variation of Zoho For End Users will be created.

Zoho Training For End Users

Too often End Users are given a solution but not the training. Our Zoho Training For End Users aims to not only train the User on how to use the Zoho Solution, but the business processes behind the solution and the benefit to them in using and adopting the solution. A key outcome is a standardised method of working based around the companies business process.

Zoho Training – Delivery

FlexableIT can deliver training to your business either remotely or face to face. It is our preference to always do face to face training, the reason being is that it is more beneficial and productive to your business. We believe that a face to face session is up to eight times more productive than a remote sessions.

For remote sessions we can use Zoho meeting, Google Hangouts, WebEx, Skype, etc. We recommend that the agenda is much more rigid and that the sessions are between one hour and no more than two. The subject matter is broken into logical chunks delivered over a number of days. This methodology has been successfully tested and used with clients across the globe.

Workshop Or Training?

FlexableIT prefer to consider there Zoho Training to be more workshop than training but what is the difference? A workshop, in our opinion, is taking your requirements and building an interactive session around those requirements. The aim in our workshops is to make you as self sufficient as possible. Training, to us, implies a templated set of objectives that is more generic than a specific workshop.