Zoho Support – Customer portal track with Google Analytics

Want to learn how customers use your Zoho Support Customer Portal? It is now integrated with Google Analytics. Use Google Analytics to:


  • Determine what percentage of your page views are from returning and new customers respectively.
  • Track the mobile site visits and figure out what devices your customers use to access your Zoho Support Customer Portal.
  • Know how many interactions your customers had with your Zoho Support Customer Portal
  • Determine which language your customers speak and from which part of the world they are located
  • Monitor the amount of time spent by your customers on each article page within your Zoho Support Customer Portal
  • Observe the navigation path of customers like, which pages they had visited and in what order they did
  • Determine whether an article is relevant or not for your customers from the Bounce rates
  • Identify keywords that customers search for before landing on your Zoho Support articles
  • Know how often your customers use, search instead of navigating the customer portal using links and bookmarks

For more information on how to add Google Analytics to your Zoho Support account visit this useful guide.