22nd April 2015

Zoho Social

Build your Social Media presence with Zoho Social

Social Media can not be ignored – twitter, Facebook, Linkedin are all valuable marketing channels that you need to engage with, interact with and understand so that you can schedule the correct content to be delivered at the correct time for your your audience. This is why you need Zoho Social.

Marketing has always been right audience, right time

Use Zoho Social to schedule your marketing when your audience is mostly likely to see it. Smart scheduling within Zoho Social guides you to the most appropriate time to schedule your messages. Use Time Warp for Facebook for a post to go live at the same time of day in different timezones.


Work with colleagues to collaborate and decide on the themes and messages for maximum impact. Work with colleagues to enhance brand messages and key messages. View reports together and understand how your Social Media is making an impact on your marketing strategy.

Listen and Monitor

Use Zoho Social to listen for your brand or keywords so that you can track and respond. Search for keywords, hashtags and save them for future research.


Zoho Social uses visual reports to give you meaningful insights quickly, with detailed analytics available if required. Use the reports to discover content that resonates with your audience, the best time to publish and which customers are the most engaged. Use sentiment analysis to get a clearer picture of your audiences positive or negative feedback about your brand. Create Custom Reports so that you get the information that you need.