Zoho Seminar Bristol – More successful email marketing – Zoho Campaigns

Make your email marketing more successful

Email marketing is still one of the most prevalent forms of marketing. This is due to the ease of deployment, the cost effectiveness and simplicity. Could you make your email marketing more effective? Learn some tips and tricks on how Zoho Campaigns can help you make your email marketing more effective.


Use the data within your business to identify and target candidates more successfully. Learn how to follow up on your email marketing. Understand terminology – Autoresponders, Two way Synchronisation, etc. Drive your email marketing to Social Media to increase your reach. Are your email marketing targets visiting your website – track in real time, capture for future understanding.  Be compliant with Data Protection.

When and Where

The event is being hosted in the Colston Office Centre, part of the Centre Gate building on Friday the 15th of May at 2.30 pm.