21st April 2015

Get More From Zoho

Maximise your investment – Get more from Zoho

You have invested in Zoho, you are using Zoho but are you using Zoho to the maximum? The Get more from Zoho program is about understanding how you are using Zoho now, what other tools and processes you currently use outside Zoho – could these be integrated into Zoho to maximise your investment with Zoho?

Do you know about the other Zoho products which you could be using comparable products but not integrated. With Get more from Zoho it is about identifying these data silos and integrating them into an end to end solution. Data should only need to be entered once, then flow from system to system automatically – thereby reducing resource, time and ultimately cost.

Zoho is being developed at a rapid pace, it is easy for new features or enhancements to be missed – this is a key component of Get more from Zoho – make you aware of features that you are not currently using. Our experience with a number of different customers in a number of different verticles can bring more than one solution to your business challenge. During the Get more from Zoho session it is about identifying these challenges, proposing a number of solutions and utilising the best one for your business.

Get more from Zoho is about moving you from your current usage, unlocking features or integrations and showing you how to use these better in your business.

Get more from Zoho is a free two hour consultancy done face to face or via a web meeting – depending on location and your availability. The outcome is an action plan as to how your Zoho usage can be enhanced.